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  • Brands: Ajax
  • Product Code: FIRE PROTECT
Wireless fire detector with temperature sensor that monitors security in the room twenty four hours a day and immediately notifies of smoke and sharp jumps in temperature.The device detects smoke by means of a camera with photoelectric sensor. If no smoke is emitted, the additional detector registers temperature increase in the room.It can operate independently from the hub, emitting a fire alarm by means of a built-in siren. Several detectors indicate an alarm simultaneously. Installation
Type of detector Wireless
Installation method Indoors
Compatibility Operates independently or with Hub, Hub Plus, ocBridge Plus, uartBridge
Sensing element Photoelectric and temperature sensors
Alarm signal delivery time 0.15 s
Permissible humidity Up to 80%
Anti-sabotage Protection against fraud Jamming detection Tamper-resistant
Activation threshold +54°С to +65°С
Type of notification Sound/light
Volume of built-in siren 85 dB
Additional temperature sensor Available
Classification Radio channel smoke detector with temperature sensor and built-in siren
Technicle Specification
Weight 220 g
Dimensions 132х132×31 mm
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Technical Specification File
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