Hotel Door Locks

All hotel digital locks come with an “anti-panic” function which empowers speedy opening of doors from the inside at any time, even if the doors are bolted. A speedy and strong press on the door handle releases the mechanic bolt on the inside and the door can effortlessly be opened. Typically useful in cases of emergency, each hotel digital lock is programmed for one specific room, whereas the visitor cards are programmed for one particular lock. If the hotel room door is bolted from the inside, not even the housekeepers can enter the room. The only card, giving access to all rooms at any moment, is the administrator’s card which is utilized only in cases of emergency.

For extra security, each lock comes with a set of two indistinguishable keys (basic and back-up key), which can open the door in case all other systems fail. To open the electronic lock with a key, one must first remove the plate, covering the lock on the outer side of the door. All electronic hotel door locks come with an anti-burglar bolt that makes it impossible to put a flat object between the lock’s mechanism and the door frame and avoids break-ins into hotel rooms or other areas of hotels and office buildings. The system card and the software, utilized for the programming of locks and Mifare cards, can too reveal data about the final 200 entries into the hotel room.