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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera has paved its pay way into the mainstream lifestyle with a great pace. The CCTV camera has not limited itself to law enforcement & military applications, but has become self-effacing product for public locations & in private sector as well. Basically, CCTV cameras are video cameras that record the surrounding with live streaming aptitude& storage on Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for the longer period preservation.

The CCTV industry has had encouragement from the generic utilization that they have developed products explicitly moulded as per the client requirement & applications. In spite of the debates on the invasion of civilian privacy because of CCTV cameras, these systems have proved to be crime dissuasion and rightfully so. With strict policies and rules to impede the illegal uses of information on people, the CCTV industry has been through drastic change in the tailored manufacturing as well.

Types of CCTV Camera:

Dark Fighter Technology Camera As the name itself justifies the functionality, the Dark Fighter Technology camera comes with night vision quality that gives high image value even in low to No light.

ANPR/LPR Cameras ANRP is an abbreviation of Automatic Number Plate Recognition & LPR is License Plate Cameras. As the name indicates itself, these kinds of cameras are unambiguously used for crime surveillance where the system is essential to read car number plates for applications such as Paid Parking Lots or Hotel Management.

Internal & External Dome Camera The dome shaped cameras are mostly preferred in public surveillance & monitoring because of their shape, it is tricky to tell which way they are facing at or who they are monitoring.

Bullet Camera Bullet cameras used for outdoor surveillance & monitoring because of its bullet like shape and easy installation process. It’s a suitable camera for shadowing the outdoor environment with its anti-glare and weather proof protection.

C – Mount Camera C- Mount cameras are used mainly into law enforcement due to it razor sharp high quality streaming. The C- mount camera can be used for identity verification and are very reliable mostly because of their higher range capacity which covers up to 40 ft.

Day-Night Camera Due to its dual nature in broad day sunlight & low illumination working capacity, this kind of camera is used for its unique feature of providing both colour and Black & White camera features in one camera. Its adaptive nature in different shapes & sizes makes it a preferable choice amongst all.


Industrial Application:In heavy machinery operated process where the method has to be monitored at every stage and is directed accordingly along with the men power observation, CCTV can be used for the monitoring purpose.

City Surveillance:Under the smart city projects or as a crime prevention methodology, CCTV cameras can be implemented across the city. In case of criminal or suspicious activities, it helps better to catch & identify the culprits and are admissible to courts as a legit proof.

Traffic Management:In the fast rushing metro cities, saying that the traffic management systems should be implemented is an understatement. Traffic Management has become a necessity to manage, monitor and prediction of traffic across the city. Not only that, it helps identify the people responsible for over-speeding, breaking the traffic rules and helps managing the city better with reduced risks of accidents.

Retail Sector:With mass development and wide spread retail sector, they can be helpful to put off and monitor shop lifting.

Residential:With the expansion & awareness in home automation & security industry, CCTV cameras can be helpful with the incorporation with Fire Alarms, home invasion alerts, and unethical access notifications.

Private Sector:Private sector does not hold back when it comes to installing the cameras in the work environment mainly to avert unethical practices.