A network video recorder is considered a total IP camera recording system and is generally utilized in IP video security surveillance systems. An NVR does not need any dedicated hardware for video capture but makes use of special software on a dedicated device. It can record as well as access recorder pictures and live views. Viewed as the successor to the advanced video recorder, the NVR can be managed remotely over the Internet or LAN, giving awesome adaptability to users. Network security solutions are the future of home and business security, a future that starts with a world-class NVR from Mivnata.

NVR's are designed to be utilized with IP security cameras. NVRs support full 4K Ultra HD determination and real-time recording (30 fps). They also interface to our remote network apps so you'll be able to see what your cameras recorded and you can playback no matter where you're. NVRs can also be customized to send you movement-activated push notices or mail alarms to keep you up-to-date of events around your premises. Secure your home and business with a high definition Wired NVR security surveillance camera system. Find an awesome collection of NVR Security Cameras at Mivanta.