Integrated Reader
Long to Mid Range Reader

Explore Our Range of Handheld & Fixed RFID Readers, Design for the Access Control, Parking Industry, Retail Store, etc.

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We provides a broad portfolio of RFID Tags. RFID tags are designed for the traceability of things and people. different type of activity will need different RFID tags.

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Multiple port Controller

Check out our high-performance RFID controller that can be used in a variety of RFID based solution. RFID Controller is a device that read/write data from transponder in a contactless mode.

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Long Range UHF RFID Antenna

Our RFID Antenna Offers All the Features Required for Both Indoor and Outdoor Environments. The Versatile Antenna Meets the Needs Of Virtually Any RFID Application.

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Multiple port Handheld

We offer a wide range of UHF RFID Handheld Reader & Scanner, also known as RFID handheld Scanner, that are high-performing, long-lasting, and dependable when it comes to reading and transmitting data. These are also known as handheld RFID readers or portable RFID readers.

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