Visitor Identification through Video Door Phone - An Automated Solution for Home Security

Video Door Phone (VDP), otherwise known as Visitor Identification System is a mainstream integral security solution when it comes to the home security and authorised access for Industrial and mostly residential security concerns.

Access Control System – A Complete Solution for Security & Monitoring Applications

Granting the access to the authorized person to a certain premise and keeping the track record of such entries along with maintaining the database; this entire process sums the terminology, Access Control System (ACS).

Utilization of Digital Door locks for Home Security Enhancement

With the evolution of Home Automation & security, rising of digital door lock industry was not a big surprise. Our conventional & pre-conceived notion of door locks has been hitting new highs in access control & security solutions.

Types of CCTV Cameras & their applications

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera has paved its pay way into the mainstream lifestyle with a great pace. The CCTV camera has not limited itself to law enforcement & military applications, but has become self-effacing product for public locations & in private sector as well.