Biometric fingerprint device
Time Attendance

Morx brings the simplest & most powerful attendance management system. Install & start using the same day. Web-based attendance dashboard, dedicated app, automated reports, APIs, custom branding. Fastest Punch In & Out. Biometric Hardware. Rapid On-boarding. Attendance Analytics.

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Cloud-Based Attendance System

Internet Protocol and Analog

Start Protecting Your Property with Our Quality CCTV Camera Security System. Designed to support seamless integration with Advanced & Intelligent Security Solution. Our CCTV cameras are designed by Experts for working 24 Hrs in Monitoring Station without any problem and our cameras are Internationally Certified.

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IP and Analog camera

NVR (Network Video Recorder)/ DVR ( Digital Video Recorder) has the feature that enables to observe and manage multiple network CCTV camera together. Mivanta offers a wide range of 4k Network Video recorders for offices and homes.An easy-to-install, flexible and reliable High definition surveillance.

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Morx Connect Featured

Residential and Hotel
Digital Door Lock

Get the Best Secured Digital Door Lock System from Morx for Home & Office. Switch to Digital Door Locks for Your Workplace Security based on Biometric and RFID technology. We are known for our modern electronic locks system for hotels and Residential houses that includes locking systems and access control systems. We are the leading in door opening solutions for hotel and lodging facilities. Experience the most advanced safety solution for Home & Business.

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Digital Door Lock Main Featured

Auto Detection

Easy Installation

Security Code

Intrusion Prevention

Easy Access

Touch Screen

Single step open

Auto locking

Double authentication

Anti-theft mode


Key volume control

Featured Product

one of the best security devices based on the latest technology for safety access control system. morx latest featured devices are designed to develop the most innovative safety security system.