Radio-Frequency Identification (abbreviated as RFID) tag is cable-free hardware tool that mainly comprises of two parts: an RFID chip for storing information (like tag's ID) and an antenna for efficient transmission & reception of the signals. Based on the utilization of the type of radio-frequency range for communication with an RFID reader, these tags are classified into three essential Products: HF RFID tags, UHF RFID tags, and LF RFID tags. The wireless RFID tags utilize state-of-the-art radio-frequency identification technology for reading information from over a distance of a few kilometers. Mivanta offers all three types of the latest wireless RFID tags, designed for various indoor as well as outdoor-based applications depending on the domain. RFID applications are endless that extend from access control, tracking an object/individual, store management, event & attendee tracking to logistics management.