Visitor Identification through Video Door Phone - An Automated Solution for Home Security

Video Door Phone (VDP), otherwise known as Visitor Identification System is a mainstream integral security solution when it comes to the home security and authorised access for Industrial and mostly residential security concerns. With the increasing security thefts& awareness, VDP is one of the most imperative solutions offered in order to restrict & acknowledge unauthorised personnel at the residential/industrial locations.

Basic operation principal of the VDP is that the visitor initiates a call from the outdoor panel requesting the access to the owner, upon receiving the call, owner can view the personnel on their screen on the indoor monitor and has the authority to grant the access by pushing the button which enables an electronic lock to open the gate, eliminating the possibility of intrusion. Parameters such as high durability in extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, dust, water-resistance, night vision camera for a better picture quality, protection from a certain amount of vandalism, anti theft (in case of tempering with the module, the alarm should go off), Integration capabilities with other solutions such as home automation & access control, good data storage plays a vital role in selectionof a good VDP system.

VDP mainly consists of two panels: Outdoor and Indoor. Outdoor panel encloses the camera for the video/image capturing & streaming, Microphone for the visitor to have a conversation, a Speaker for the visitor to hear the resident with minimal surrounding noise and optional access control features such as fingerprint, Password/Pin, RFID card reader. The indoor panel (monitor) covers the microphone, camera for the live footage, a speaker and a push button to authorize the person to enter which is directly integrated to electrical lock which opens the door only when permitted the access. A good indoor monitor has the a better LCD/Touch screen functionality, higher image resolution, a speaker with surrounding noise removal, Do Not Disturb feature to turn-off receiving calls on the night mode.

Main application of the VDP is the integration with Access Control system. From industrial areas, multi-apartment housing, to a personal villa, the objective of VDP remains the consistent. In case of multiple apartments, the solution is equipped with different house/unit numbers in order to initiate a call which is further connected an application or the Building Management System (BSM) in order to keep the track records of the visitors. As for the single apartment or a villa, VDP is usually equipped with Wired/wireless monitor, multiple screens in the house, or a remote access control wherein the system is integrated with an application through a router. On pressing the doorbell from the outdoor panel, the system alerts the notification on the application that is installed in the Smartphone/Tablet, using the app one can monitor and control the authorization even if he/she is not present at home. The application provides features such as video call facilities, access permission/deny feature, alarm alerts in case of forced entry or vandalism on the outdoor monitor. Of all the available VDP solutions, digital VDP is the most preferred and secure solution as it provides impeccable image clarity, good storage capability along with the microSD card facility, remote access, and possibleincorporation with CCTV cameras, home automation security applications & access control.