Electric Strike

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ASSA ABLOY Electric Strike is a durable fail secure electric strike. These electric strikes are suitable for use with access controls where flexibility, security and lower cost are required

Electric strikes is the most commonly used product within electro mechanic locks. Distinguishing characteristics is speed, durability and amount of opening cycles.

Wide range for different needs

Selection of electric strike and faceplate determines by several factors. Consider security and fire protection, as well as presence or option of an automatic door opener.

The Assa electric strike range contains a wide variety of products developed for several applications and are available in three different security levels, in conjunction with latch locks.

The STEP electric strikes in conjunction with bolt or hook bolt locks. Also available are products for all glass doors as well as for potential highly explosive premises like the pneumatic strike.

Fire protection

Electric strikes can be used in fire protective doors.

Several operations

Electric strikes is offered in several operations. Provided is fail locked, fail unlocked and fail unlocked escape safe operations. Monitoring micro switches is optional provided; switches are monitoring e.g. door position and locked status.

Stainless steel strike


Door status monitoring: Output, No/NC/com

Holding force: 500kg

Cycle tested up to 1 million operations

Easy installation

1 year warrenty

CE Approved

Wooden Door

Glass Door

Metal Door

PVC Door

Ordering Information
Part Code Product Description
AAES5ENPLHSAL ASSA ABLOY Electric Strike, Monitored, Fail Secure
Technicle Specification
Lock Size 150 (L) x 39.5 (W) x 33.5 (H) mm
Voltage 12vDC
Current 12v/200mA
Operating Temperature -10 °C ~55 °C
Operating Humidity 0~90% (Non-Condensing)
Weight 0.4kg