MIQ 05

$81.00 $101.00

4-Door FP Access Control IP-Based Control Panel

Morx a premium brand of Mantra for time attendance, physical access control, represent the most advanced and state of the art solutions for attendance, access control, visitor management, car parking, elevator control, vehicle access and alarm, camera linkage control, etc. MIQ-05 is the most advanced access control panel which can provide biometric security for any door when connected with biometric readers and the software. These panels are versatile and can connect MR 120 fingerprint readers These readers can be connected with RS485 or Wiegand connectivity to the panels.

Reader Port 1 No extended RS 485 Port
Input Port 8ea (Exit button #1, Exit Button #2, Exit Button #3, Exit Button #4, Door Sensor #1, Door Sensor #2, Door Sensor #3, Door Sensor #4)
Reader Fingerprint & Proximity Card Reader
Fingerprint Template Capacity 3000
Card Storage capacity 30000
Event Buffer 100000
Compatible Software Desktop / Cloud based software, SDK based on the request.
Technicle Specification
Communication TCP/IP, RS485 Port
Processor 32 Bit MIPS Processor with 32 MB RAM, 128 Flash Memory
Input power 9.6 – 14.4 V DC 5A