Manual Knob to extend and retract the secure deadbolt.

It increases the security level of the door lock with double lock extend.

C grade cylinder protects the lock from technical unlocking for at least 270mins.

Semiconductor fingerprint scaner, 0.3sec collection rate and less than 0.01% recognition fault.

It works stably in aggressive enviroments. (-15~60°C,20%-95% humithity)

If the battery power is running low, an automatic alert is activated via a red light that is displayed when unlock.

This signal is given months before the battery needs to be replaced.

Technicle Specification
Power Supply Lithium Battery
Battery Life Over 3000 time
Static current < 70 uA
Dynamic current < 2 A
Storage temperature -20- +60'C
Storage humidity 10-98% RH
Working temperature -10- +0'C
Working humidity 15-98% RH
Card Reading distance 0-5 CM
Reading & Writing time < 0.25s
Date Keeping Over 10 Years
Reading & Writing Way Non-touched closer induction

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