Manual knob to extend and retract the secure deadbolt.

It increases the security level of the door lock with double lock extend.

C grade cylinder protects the lock from technical unlocking for at least 270mins.

Semiconductor fingerprint scanner, 0.3sec collection rate and less than 0.01% recognition fault.

It works stably in aggressive enviroments. (-15~60°C,20%-95% humithity)

If the battery power is running low, an automatic alert is activated via a red light that is displayed when unlock.

This signal is given months before the battery needs to be replaced.

Technicle Specification
Meterial Aluminium alloy
Mortise Center Distance:68mm;Backset:60mm
Applicated Door Thickness 38~110mm
Power 6V(Alkaline AA battery x4)
Battery Life Time 5000~6000 times
Emergency Power Micro-USB
Operating Temperature -15~55°C
Fingerpint Sensor Semiconductor Sensor
Password 6 Digits
Mechanical key 2 keys

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