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Digital Glass door lock with fingerprint, password & smartcard access technology.

LCD screen displays every status of the lock. Together with the lock navigation voice, it helps installation and program finish easy and precise.

Touch screen keypad lightens your unlocking with the latest technology.

You could make an instant PIN code by adding any figure before or after the valid password to avoid the password being stolen.

The android micro-USB power supply is always available, to avoid any inconvenience caused by battery runout or wrong electronic operations.

360 degree spin deadbolts made of solid stainless steel material, effectly anti tampering and sawing.

Technicle Specification
Mortise Integrated
Applicated Door Thickness 10-12mm Glass Door
Power 6V(Alkaline AA battery x4)
Battery Life Time 5000~6000 times
Emergency Power Micro-USB
Operating Temperature -15~55°C
Fingerprint Sensor Optical
Material Zinc Alloy,Acrylic
User capacity 99(PW)+300(CARD)+300(FP)
Password 6-10 digits

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