$81.00 $101.00

Color CMOS camera

Built-in card reader (EM-Marin, Mifare, NFC)

Support up to 2 MA-08 extensions (18 subscribers)

First acquaintance

Slinex MA-02 is a 2 apartment outdoor panel with an ultramodern design. The panel has a lot of advantages, among them: a color CMOS camera with a resolution of 960 TVL, built-in combined reader of contactless cards from EM-Marin, Mifare/NFC, mechanical IR filter on 6 LEDs and backlit nameplates.

This panel has no equivalents in the modern market in terms of its functionality and external parameters. It far exceeds the quality of outdoor panels of other manufacturers.

Where it can be used

The device is ideal for installation in the office or in a building with a small number of apartments. This model will be a universal solution for installation on the floor of an office center which houses several offices. On special nameplates on the panel body it is possible to specify the number of an apartment, office, names of apartments or the name of the company, and thanks to backlit nameplates, all information will be clearly visible, even in the dark.

The outdoor panel can be flush mounted both outside and inside. Panel dimensions are 110x185x34 mm. The device works stably in a wide range of temperatures: from -40° to + 65°C.

The key feature is an availability of a combined reader of contactless cards from EM-Marin, Mifare/NFC for controlled and safe access to the premises. Internal memory is designed for up 248 cards.

The model is impressive with the presence of a mechanical IR filter, which provides better visibility in the dark and allows you to get a better picture, thanks to which the identification of the visitor is much easier not only in the afternoon, but also in the evening.


Built-in card reader (EM-Marin, Mifare, NFC), supports both CVBS and AHD

Unique Features

Mechanical IR cut filter

Wide-angle lens

Nameplates backlight

Support up to 2 MA-08 extensions (18 subscribers)

Horizontal viewing angle 138º
Device type Outdoor panel for 2 subscribers
Body structure Metal alloy
Camera resolution 960 TVL
Type of sensor 1/4" CMOS
Protection class IP65
Dimensions 110×185×34 mm
Cards type EM-Marin, Mifare, and NFC
Power supply +12V
Operating temperature -40 – +65 °С
Memory capacity 248 user cards
Colors Silver
Night backlight IR LED, up to 1.5 m
Minimal illumination 0,01 Lux